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If you are reading this post there are chances that many of you might be a newbie to the world of web designing. You may have recently learned writing CSS code and wondered that what is a CSS framework

Therefore our today’s talk is on what is a CSS framework.

What is a CSS Framework

Basically, A CSS framework is a pre-written set of stylesheets and javascript files for creating websites quickly and conveniently with ease. Most of the CSS frameworks will have at least a grid system for responsive web designing include in it. But many modern also have other things like navbars, accordions, dropdowns, tabs, etc.

Components Offered By A CSS Framework

Various modules and tools offered By a good CSS framework –

  • Grid System – A grid system is a must for creating responsive websites.
  • CSS Styling – Basic CSS styling for buttons, inputs, tooltips, forms, etc.
  • Web Typography – These are the various sizes and styles of text offered by the CSS framework.
  • Set of Icons
  • Parts of Graphical User Interface (GUI) – things like accordions, dropdowns, tabs, slideshows, modal windows (lightbox), etc.

These all are the things provided by CSS frameworks. All these things might not be included in all the CSS frameworks.

But CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation include almost everything.

Should You Use A CSS framework

According to me some of you should use a framework and some of you shouldn’t. I will explain it now.

Experienced web designers should use CSS frameworks and not a newbie.

Newbies can download these frameworks and explore them so that you will learn how to do the things yourself. Once you get a good experience with CSS and Javascript you can use it to create awesome websites quickly and easily.

CSS frameworks will help you save lots of your precious time.

These were my thoughts on using CSS frameworks let me know what you think about it in the comments section below.

You can also read my next post on best CSS frameworks.

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